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Audio Examples (dry then processed)
DyVision VideoTape from DyVision Works is a 32bit VST effect for use in Windows DAW programs. It emulates the classic and imperfect texture imparted to audio recorded on video tape. Towards the end of its technological life cycle video tape had surprisingly good audio quality. But as anybody who remembers the 80s, video rental stores, and 'video nasties' knows, this was not always the case. VCRs & tape could impart an almost overbearing sonic signature to audio material due to factors such as : - Stretched, worn, or mangled tape - Misaligned heads or rollers - Sticky reels - Demagnetized tape - Magnetized heads - Inherant noise problems worsened by - Overzealous audio compressors / limiters - Poor quality 'consumer grade' electronics - Variation between different machines Just like vinyl, the qualities of video tape have the ability to instantly invoke the feel of a certin era. It was considered crap at the time, but then again so were analog synthesizers.
Take your perfectly good audio and mangle it with an emulation of analog video tape. Go from the clean 'hi-fi' sound of the very last VCRs right back to the nasty late 70s top loading beasts. Incredibly simple to get the results you want with intuitive and minimalist controls Download the fully functional demo and test it on your own material. The demo has no time limit but will insert white noise every 30 seconds or so. Purchasing the full version removes this. Purchase from the link at the top of this page. All purchases are delivered by download link sent to you via e-mail.
Our customers include One of the worlds largest (and most notorious) video game companies Recording studios Film studios Green screen studios Radio stations And of course, individual producers who just want better sounding audio We hope our pricing is fair and affordable by all. The full versions of our products do not contain ANY copy protection schemes, not even a serial number, as we believe copy protection only serves to annoy legitimate users. You will never have to 'beg us' for another 'activation' to work in a different studio or on a different computer.
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